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The Maxxx

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• Draws Enormous Crowds of All Ages
• Has A Dominant Presence
• State-Of-The-Art Engineering
• Professional & Courteous Operators
• Exceeds All Safety Standards

Add the Sling Shot to your venue and generate excitement like you’ve never experienced before!

The Sling Shot® is the most exciting thrill attraction available today. Passengers are propelled up to 240 feet at speeds of almost 100 miles per hour. Riders will share their excitement, creating a buzz at your event, like none you’ve ever experienced.

The slingshot does not use bungees or rubber ropes, but instead, utilizes a patented spring propulsion technology with heavy duty steel cables and 720 specially designed spring packs, creating the safest reverse ejection system available worldwide.

Hot Shot Thrill Rides’ professional staff ensures all safety and inspection guidelines are exceeded and riders are met with the utmost courtesy and professionalism.

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Slingshot Size And Electrical Requirements

Slingshot #1:
70 Feet Wide by 35 Feet Deep
200 Amps 3 Phase

Slingshot #2:
75 Feet Wide by 40 Feet Deep
240 Amps 3 Phase

Arrangements for generator can be made.