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The Maxxx

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• Draws Enormous Crowds of All Ages
• Has A Dominant Presence
• State-Of-The-Art Engineering
• Professional & Courteous Operators
• Exceeds All Safety Standards

The Maxxx is another example of thrill ride creativity and innovation. This ride can't be considered a mere evolution of a classic ejection seat because it adds new elements of thrill with a different combination of fall and lift accelerations not yet considered in any other attraction.


The ride is mounted on a semi-trailer and is made up of 2 telescopic columns that are hydraulically erected to 30 metres high. At each end of the column is a smaller rotating arm that's counterbalanced and motorized. Two long iron cables are attached on each side of the gondola and are attached at the other ends to the rotating arms.


During the ride, the gondola swings with different speeds at different heights and creates changes in the passengers' sense of depth with the dynamic movement of the 2 fulcrums.


Those who love thrilling sensation and admire the feeling of high free-swinging will love MAXXX.


The ride has a footprint of 22 meters (74 ft.) by 9 meters (29.5 ft.). The safety of the passenger is guarantee by our usual scrupulous attention to detail which characterizes all of our rides.